Daily fee

If you have received a letter from us, you can login using NemID. This will enable you, among other things, to pay the daily fee.


It is easiest to login using NemID (See the top right-hand corner of this page). This will take you to your case where you can:


  • pay the daily fee
  • write to DFIM
  • see the letters you receive from DFIM
  • give your consent to the use of e-Boks if you wish to receive your mail there
  • view the status of your case
  • set up an instalment plan

Please note that the login and the information there after is in Danish only.


Find the answers to frequently asked questions here


If your vehicle – your moped, for example – has been sold, scrapped or stolen

Even if you have cancelled your insurance, notified the police of the theft or taken your vehicle to be scrapped, the registration plates may not always have been deregistered with The Danish Motor Vehicle Agency.

If you have sold or scrapped the vehicle, you can find instructions for how to deregister the plates on the Danish Motor Vehicle Agency's website. If you deregister the vehicle without having a bill of sale, it will take three weeks before the deregistration is confirmed by the Danish Motor Vehicle Agency (Motorregistret). 

If your vehicle has been stolen, you can find instructions for how to deregister the plates on the Danish Motor Vehicle Agency’s website.
Once the plates have been deregistered, the Danish Motor Vehicle Agency's will inform DFIM automatically and your file will be closed.


If you contact us

We are currently receiving an extraordinarily large number of enquiries, so both our telephone and email contact channels are extremely busy. It may seems you have to wait for a long time, but we are doing everything we can to respond do all enquiries as quickly as possible. 


You can write us via “Log in” by logging on to your case using NemID. “Log in” is at the top right-hand corner of the page.


For our telephone opening hours, click here

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