Green card

The green card – which you may obtain at your motor third party liability insurance company – is proof of your vehicle being insured against liability. The green card guarantees that your insurance company covers any damage you may be held liable for in connection with an accident outside of Denmark.


Countries to which it is not necessary to bring the green Card


All countries which are members of the EU, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Croatia, Andorra and Serbia (Serbia has only joined the agreement from the end of 2011; therefore, we advise the drivers that go to Serbia to bring the green card along anyway).


Countries to which the green card must be brought along


Albania, Azerbaijan (pr. 01.01.2016), Bosnia-Hercegovina, Belarus, Iran, Israel, Macedonia, Morocco, Moldavia, Montenegro, Russia, Turkey and the Ukraine.


Kosovo does not accept the green card


Please note that the authorities in Kosovo do not accept the green card and that no green card bureau exists in Kosovo. It is therefore important that you take out a motor third party liability insurance at the border – otherwise you may risk being detained in connection with a motor accident.