Border insurance

If you bring a vehicle that is registered in a non-EEC country to Denmark, you must take out a border insurance policy. In Denmark, it is DFIM who issues border insurance policies.

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In order for us to issue the border insurance for your vehicle, please inform us of the following details:


  • Period of validity
  • Make, model and year of the vehicle
  • Category of vehicle (passenger car, truck, moped, motorcycle etc.)
  • Registration number
  • Nationality of the vehicle
  • Name of policy holder
  • Danish address to which the police shall be sent
  • ​Telephone number or e-mail address that we may reach you on

Border insurance policies are taken out for no less than one month.  If you wish to renew your policy, please do so before the policy expires – otherwise you must take out a new policy, at an extra cost.


  Min. one month
Each following month
Validity one year
Vehicle category DKK Euro DKK Euro DKK Euro
A. Car 800 120 500 70 5.500 700
B. Motorcycle 600 80 250 35 2.300 300
C. Truck/tractor 2.700 380 1.700 240 18.200 2.400
D. Moped 450 65 160 20 1.100 150
E. Bus 2.650 360 1.200 160 13.700 1.800
F. Trailer 50 % of the Premiums listed under A and C


A vehicle with an unladen weight of max. 3,500 kg. is tariffed as a car.
A vehicle carrying max. 9 persons incl. driver is tariffed as a car.


DFIM does not issue comprehensive/casco insurance, but only motor third party liability insurance. The geographic cover is the entire EU/EEC area.


Please note that it is not possible to pay with cash/cheque or credit cards - All payments must be by bank transfer


Our Bank details are as follows: account no. 3100 4001 060 171 at Danske Bank, 2-12 Holmens Kanal, DK - 1092 Copenhagen K, Denmark,. SWIFT-BIC DABADKKK - IBAN DK64 3000 4001 0601 71